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L&M Health Group

L&M Healthcare Communications

L&M is an independent medical communications agency committed to elevating your product by understanding you and your customers while providing a bespoke service.

VUE Health Insights

VUE Health Insights is a full service advertising agency which is uniquely positioned to understand and thrive in current and emerging healthcare markets.


The L&M Health Group is a purpose built, new model pharmaceutical advertising and MedCom agency. We built a roof over the most dynamic, experienced group of industry experts from both sides of the house in order to marry medical and commercial strategy while providing the most comprehensive services to our clients. We share a vision to do things the right way, and a passion for independence, free from the burden of massive holding companies.

Together L&M Healthcare Communications and VUE Health Insights offer the full complement of clinical and commercial services, from speaker’s bureau to strategic medical platforms and launch campaigns. Our shared resources maximize creativity of thinking, quality of our product and efficiency for our clients. The sum of our parts truly is greater than any individual.

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